Sunday, February 5, 2012

Challenge Subjects for 2/7/2012

Elaine's challenge subject is LOUD NOISES!

Kit's challenge subject is FLIGHT OF THE FOOD PRODUCTS!

The results of this challenge will be posted by 4pm PST on 2/7/12.

Elaine's Challenge Response: VEGETABLES OF DESTRUCTION!

I am sick. Really sick. I wanted to get it done last night, but I was busy doing homework and being sick. Kit and I both procrastinated this time, then agreed to do stick figures. I was going to do something in photoshop. Then I fell asleep. Kit was making up songs about pickles. So I stole her pickles. FEVER PHOTOSHOP FTW!

Kit's Challenge Response: OLD WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE!

I made this in Photoshop. I'm going to use the excuse that I spent the past few days working on the Bug-Eyed Monster update (the movie I posted yesterday), and that's how I will account for the quality on this one. The thing is, I got even lazier toward the end and copy/pasted the pickles from the internet rather than drawing a stick figure version of them like I did for the rest of the image, so I'm a little shamido about that.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I told you I was going to do something else with my bug-eyed monster challenge guy! Here's Bem singing the classic song, Mini Donuts in a Tree.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Challenge Subjects for 2/5/2012

Elaine's challenge subject is VEGETABLES OF DESTRUCTION!

Kit's challenge subject is OLD WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE!

The results of this challenge will be posted by 4pm PST on 2/5/12.

Elaine's Challenge Response: FILTHY QUADRUPED!

I wanted to do an elephant bathing in mud for this one. But I am sick, and failed miserably. Here's a haiku:

Filthy quadruped
Wallowing in mud and grime
Why we can't have nice


OK, I suck. I'm sorry. Next week I will do something awesome.

Kit's Challenge Response: DUCK DUCK GOOSE!

Just a quick sketch this time. I did want to do something more, but serious procrastination got in the way, so I ended up doing it last minute.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Challenge Subjects for 2/2/2012

Elaine's challenge subject is FILTHY QUADRUPED!

Kit's challenge subject is DUCK DUCK GOOSE!

The results of this challenge will be posted by 4pm PST on 2/2/12.

Elaine's Challenge Response: SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!

Alright, I got annoyed with this one and said "screw it" halfway through. I love science, but instead of doing an actual science-related thing, or anything resembling an experiment, I decided to make a fossil mermaid skeleton. It wasn't coming out the way I wanted, so I gave up. I also figured out that there's no really good way to give a human skeleton a dolphin or fish tail and make it resemble a mermaid the way we normally picture it. However, the purpose of the blog is to get us out of our art-paralysis, and this challenge did inspire me to do some serious paintings of real fossils. So yay, success! I also finally set up the scanner and scanned this one. My challenge to myself for next time: Start ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute.

Kit's Challenge Response: BUG-EYED MONSTER!

Bug-Eyed Monster Challenge, For Kit and Elaine's Creative Challenge Blog:

As you can probably tell, I had a lot of fun with this one. :)

This is Bem, my Bug-Eyed Monster. Bem and his different mouths were created with Prismacolor markers, and then scanned and animated in Photoshop and Imageready. Still just practicing basic animation techniques, but I have something a little more elaborate planned for Bem in the future.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Challenge Subjects for 1/31/2012

Elaine's challenge subject is SCIENCE EXPERIMENT!

Kit's challenge subject is BUG-EYED MONSTER!

The results of this challenge will be posted by 4pm PST on 1/31/12.

Elaine's Challenge Response: MUSICAL ANIMAL!

A small step up from the last few challenges--I used real drawing pencils and drawing paper! My idea was based on a Celtic fairy tale about a woman who was murdered, and her bones turned into a swan, and then were made into a harp that sang the truth about her killer. I think. I don't remember it very clearly. I think there was a Loreena McKennitt song about it. Anyway, my goal now is to get a little better and a little more serious each challenge, until I'm finally making things I'd actually consider real art again. My challenge to myself for next time: Set up the scanner and actually scan my work instead of taking pictures with my phone.